My dashboard
Visit your dashboard where you can create and update publication content, import from InDesign and update template
My tasks
View and action your workflow tasks assigned to you as part of the editorial process
Resource centre
Go to the resource centre to discover the various resources within the platform
Editorial workflow records
Get an overview and insight into all of the editorial workflow records on the platform
Go to the contract area to get an insight on all of the contracts on the platform
Codes of practice
This section holds our business critical content as digital information and allows powerful searching, quick cross referencing, notes and citations.
Document library
This section stores MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint and PDF files as resources to help users download information for use when offline.
Product library
This database holds core information about our own private label products and allows quick cross referencing against policies, training references and supplier information.
Learning operational control
This section shows the performance trends of the Micro-Learning Packs and Micro-Learning Questions across the service.
Sector 1
Content for sector demo to go here.