Recipe platform

Helping Simon & Schuster re-purpose cookbooks for 3rd party consumption.
Editorial to JSON feeds
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The challenge
Simon & Schuster had a large collection of cook books in which recipes lived. They wanted to break this content up into individual recipes to allow them to add value to the content and supply out to third-parties.
The solution
A new database was built and a special content type created to hold recipes. Then via the web portal, Simon & Schuster users were then able to upload the cook book content onto the platform themselves and the system automatically extracted the individual recipes and put them into a central recipes database.
Once created, the new recipe content became part of a production workflow and additional metadata could be applied e.g. nutritional information etc. to enrich the information further.
Finally the content could then be released into a variety of defined formats e.g. JSON and fed out into feeds for ingestion by external third-party systems.
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Recipes imported from XML ready for the editorial team.
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Imported content immediately generating a searchable database of recipes
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Custom editorial layouts to suit needs of team, drag-and-drop options to re-order ingredients and instructions.
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JSON can be viewed per recipe. A large JSON feed is consumed by a 3rd party app.
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