Description: Building Away from the Book
David Wilcockson (view page)
created on Apr 17
If publishers and readers are to get the most out of digital content, we in the industry need to think harder about embracing “modularity”
Description: Can you spot a fake?
created on Apr 17
Take a look at this Monet painting and see if you know whether it's genuine or fake.
Description: Five More Ways to Make Digital Pay
created on Apr 17
If the first five weren't enough, here's five more.
Description: How Authors Can Build Content Communities
created on Apr 17
Digital technology is changing the way we read, but it’s also changing the way we write. How can authors take advantage of this?
Description: How to Make Multi-Channel Publishing Profitable
created on Apr 17
The digital environment opens up new ways for people to enjoy the information that interests them. Publishing still dominates one long-established format: print on paper.
Description: Make it digital first
Description: Chris Lewis
Chris Lewis (view page)
Description: Dickens, Charles
Charles Dickens (view page)
Mary Shelley (view page)
Description: Tracy, Louis
Louis Tracy (view page)
created on Apr 17
As we move into 2017, the need to supply consumers with content digitally at the same time as maintaining traditional print production means a digital first approach is a priority.
Description: Using Metadata to Go Beyond the Ebook
David Wilcockson (view page)
created on Apr 17
Although many ebooks are indeed digital editions of printed counterparts, a lot of the time that’s not inappropriate at all.